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Leaf Those Steep Vacuum Fees in the Past!

April 17, 2022

If you own a swimming pool, chances are, you like to keep it clean. Leaves can be an enemy of a clean pool, especially if you have trees anywhere near your pool. Many pool cleaning companies will charge you extra if you have a lot of leaves or other debris floating in your pool. You might ask yourself, "How do I clean the leaves out of my pool?" or "What’s the... View Article

Why There’s a Chlorine Shortage and What You Need to Know

April 2, 2022

Chlorine is a chemical familiar to anyone who’s ever been around a pool. (There’s nothing quite like that scent, after all.) Chlorine is essential for keeping your pool water safe by killing mold, bacteria, algae, and many other microorganisms. 2021 saw a severe shortage of chlorine along with skyrocketing costs, and from the looks of things, 2022 will be no different. While the global pandemic certainly didn’t help things, there... View Article

When Is the Best Time To Open My Swimming Pool?

March 16, 2022

Most people with pools in their backyards get excited when it’s time to open them. As excited as you are about opening the pool and starting using it, you shouldn’t open it too early or too late because it can affect the water. If you ask yourself, ‘When should I open my swimming pool?", read on. There is no exact date that the pool should be opened, and the time depends... View Article

Preparing Your Pool for Spring

March 2, 2022

Most people who have pools get excited when springtime arrives because it is time to open the pool. If this is your first time opening the pool in spring, you may be asking yourself, "How do I prepare my pool for spring?" Fortunately, the steps are simple and easy to follow, and the time it will take to get your pool ready depends on the size of your pool. Following... View Article

How to Prepare Your Pool for Stormy Weather

October 25, 2019

Now that fall is here and winter is just around the corner, you never know what kind of weather might be in the forecast. Unfortunately, even storms that don’t otherwise damage your home or property can cause harm to your pool or spa. To avoid contamination and lasting damage after a storm during the fall or winter, it’s important to understand how you can prepare your pool for adverse weather... View Article

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