Fun Pool Activities to Do This Summer

Fun Pool Activities to Do This Summer

May 17, 2022

The summer season is right around the corner, and you know that hot and steamy days are ahead. One of the best ways to cool off is to take a dip in your pool. However, if you don’t break things up, the pool can lose its luster. On the other hand, you can do some easy activities in your pool to break the monotony. How can I make my pool more fun? Learn more about summer pool activities below. 

What Are Some Fun Pool Activities I Can Do This Summer?

  • Pool Volleyball. Divide your pool with a net, and divide your family and friends into two teams. It’s a great game because players won’t get tired too quickly. 
  • Basketball. Something about being in the water makes basketball so much more fun. Both one-one or team games can be lots of fun in the water.
  • Belly flop contest. You can bring out your inner kid with this one. You can judge which player has the biggest, loudest and funniest flop in the pool. Always use caution when you jump and dive into a pool!
  • Freeze tag. This game is the best and safest in the pool’s shallow end. Choose one player to be "it," and any tagged player must freeze. Players cannot be tagged underwater. Give everyone in the group a chance to chase the others. 
  • Marco Polo. This game is an absolute classic that everyone will enjoy. Players that are "it" close their eyes or are blindfolded. The player then counts while the others spread throughout the pool. The "it" player says Marco when the count is over, while the scattered players yell Polo. The "it" player tries to tag the other players, and find them using just the sound of their voices. 
  • Noodle Joust. There’s nothing better than a one-on-one competition in a pool. Any two players can be put on a raft or floating device in the middle of the pool. Each player gets a noodle, and the jousting starts. The players battle each other until someone is knocked off of the raft. You can create a tournament until someone is crowned jousting champion. 
  • Coin Hunt. You can toss some money into the bottom of the pool. Divide your players into groups and see which side can collect more money. Allow the group who gets more to keep the entire pot! 
  • Dance Party. A pool and music are a great way to get everyone going. You can have a dance-off or put on some pool lights to make it more exciting. 

The pool is your location for fun in the sun this summer. Switch up the activities to keep things entertaining. 

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