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Holiday Gift Ideas for Pool Lovers

December 12, 2019

Even though the tarp has long been dragged over the top of your pool, the floaty toys have been deflated and the fun-time foam noodles have been packed away, the joy of swimming is still there—especially for those people who find nothing more soothing than taking a lap across the surface of their pool or floating lazily across the top of the water as the sun beats down on them.... View Article

Why Your Pool Water Turned Green

November 20, 2019

Standing in your backyard and gazing out at your sparkling blue pool is one of the few sure signs that you’ve really made it as a homeowner. Owning your own pristine pool not only raises your home’s value, but it’s also great fun for your entire family. That is, until you find yourself staring out at sickly green pool water in New Haven County, CT. Nothing is more aggravating than... View Article

Signs That It’s Time for a Pool Renovation

September 24, 2019

Have your in-ground pool’s glory days long passed? Are you spending too much money on your energy bill, or realizing that your once-perfect pool could be a lot safer? Are you just not enjoying your pool as much as you used to? It might be time for an expert pool renovation in New Haven County, CT. When your pool isn’t performing the way you would like—or is simply a little... View Article

Family Fun for All: Why You Should Consider Getting a Pool

August 21, 2019

Swimming is an exciting, excellent form of exercise that’s fun and appropriate for people of virtually all ages. If you’re looking for a unique way to help bring your family together and provide endless hours of fun, healthy entertainment, you may want to consider the benefits of installing a residential pool in New Haven County, CT. Residential pools are a great resource for families. Whether you’re already avid swimmers or... View Article

When Is It Really the Right Time to Close the Pool?

August 7, 2019

If you have a swimming pool at your home, hotel or multi-family property, you may be wondering when exactly is the right time to shutter your pool for the fall and winter seasons. Determining the right time to perform pool closing in New Haven County, CT is more challenging than you might think. Many people make the mistake of setting a hard date to winterize their swimming pools. Unfortunately, if... View Article

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