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How Long Do Vinyl Pool Liners Last?

February 10, 2020

A brand-new liner in an in-ground swimming pool changes the overall feel of the pool for the better. The water feels and smells fresher. The pool itself looks cleaner than it ever did before. But, like many pool owners, you might be wondering when that “new-pool look” will begin to fade, and when repairs are likely to be necessary—including to the liner. With this in mind, how long do vinyl... View Article

New Year’s Resolutions for Pool Owners

January 15, 2020

It might be the dead of winter, but pool season will be here again before you know it. In addition to the traditional “go to the gym more,” “spend more time with family and friends” and “finally clean out my closet once and for all” resolutions, you might consider making your pool your goal-setting focus for 2020. Not only is it smart to take care of one of your home’s... View Article

Does Your Pool Still Need Maintenance in the Winter? Yes!

December 26, 2019

Just because the temperature has dropped and you’ve closed your pool for the winter doesn’t mean you can sit by and ignore it until the first spring flowers bloom. Your pool’s ecosystem doesn’t stop functioning when you stop using it. Left untended through the harsh winter season, your pool can develop all sorts of issues that make it difficult to open in the spring. If you’re hoping to avoid costly... View Article

Holiday Gift Ideas for Pool Lovers

December 12, 2019

Even though the tarp has long been dragged over the top of your pool, the floaty toys have been deflated and the fun-time foam noodles have been packed away, the joy of swimming is still there—especially for those people who find nothing more soothing than taking a lap across the surface of their pool or floating lazily across the top of the water as the sun beats down on them.... View Article

Why Your Pool Water Turned Green

November 20, 2019

Standing in your backyard and gazing out at your sparkling blue pool is one of the few sure signs that you’ve really made it as a homeowner. Owning your own pristine pool not only raises your home’s value, but it’s also great fun for your entire family. That is, until you find yourself staring out at sickly green pool water in New Haven County, CT. Nothing is more aggravating than... View Article

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