New Pool Installation – The Importance Of A Land Survey

New Pool Installation – The Importance Of A Land Survey

April 7, 2023

New Pool Installation – The Importance Of A Land Survey

When you’re ready to have a new pool installed, it’s crucial that your project get off on the right foot. One way to do that is by getting a land survey done. A property survey identifies the precise location of your land lines, utility easements and building setbacks. It also helps you comply with local zoning laws.

Boundary Lines

When you are having a pool installed, it is very important to get a survey done before you begin any work. This will show you the precise location of your property lines, utility easements and building setbacks. It is also important to ensure that the septic and well system are located correctly. All these elements must be inspected and approved by the building inspector before the work is completed. A land survey is also necessary to obtain the appropriate permits for your new pool installation. This survey will provide a plot plan that shows lot lines, easements if any and pool area plans with dimensions all drawn to scale not less than one-eighth inch to the foot.

Utility Easements

A land survey can provide other details such as the exact location of power lines, building locations and fences. Easements are rights of usage that have been granted to a utility or authority for specific purposes. These can include electric, phone, cable, water, gas or drainage. If you are planning to build a pool on your property, it is important that it does not fall into a utility easement. This will make it difficult for utilities to access repair lines and equipment. It will also increase your insurance costs and make it more difficult to sell your home down the road.

Local Zoning Laws

Before a new pool can be installed, it is required that the property owner get a land survey done. This will show the exact location of the property lines so that the installation does not encroach on the neighboring property. It is unlawful to construct, install or enlarge any swimming pool or appurtenances thereto, without first obtaining a permit from the town. Such application, accompanied by four sets of plans and specifications, shall be filed with the Building Official. In addition, a plot plan showing the location of the pool, all existing structures on the lot and distances to the property lines and street abutting the property will also be required. The permit will be issued only after the Construction Code Official finds that the plans and specifications are in compliance with the rules and regulations of the municipality.

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