Common Mistakes To Avoid When Opening Your Pool

Common Mistakes To Avoid When Opening Your Pool

February 27, 2023

Owning a pool means that you have to maintain it properly. This also includes opening up your pool cover. Something as minor as opening a pull cover the wrong way can result in costly mistakes. Instead of trying to cut corners when cleaning, and preparing equipment, much more should be done carefully. This guide will provide tips on what not to do when opening a pool.

Mistakes To Avoid When Opening Your Pool

Common pool opening problems may occur if you don’t properly follow the tips below when opening your pool.

Failing To Clean Pool Deck

The first thing you must do before opening up your pool is to ensure that your pool deck is cleaned first. While this doesn’t have anything to do with your pool water, it is essential. Now is the time to clean off your deck’s accumulated dirt and grime. This will prevent this dirt and debris from entering your pool. 

Failing To Clean Pool Cover

Besides just cleaning your deck, you must also ensure that your pool cover is cleaned before you open your pool. If not, all of the debris and dirt that has built up on your pool cover will end up in your water. Take several minutes to eliminate as much debris as possible before removing the cover. Doing these things will make it much easier to fold and clean your pool cover after you remove it.

Failing To Raise Water Levels

It is time to refill the pool water levels once you begin to remove the cover. This process takes a bit of time to complete, so there’s no harm in multitasking. Missing out on this crucial step can cost you later on when you realize your waterline is too low for you to swim.

Failing To Clean the Water Bags or Tubes

If you use water tubes or bags on your pool cover, they can also contain a lot of dirt from the off-season. The best way to clean them is to lay them flat and spray them with a water hose. You can also scrub them, allow them to air dry, and store them in a safe area.

Not Remembering To Pull all Pool Plugs

If you forget to pull your pool plugs, you can cause damage to your plumbing once you are ready to turn on your filter and pump for the season. The best thing to do is check all of your plugs, including your spa jets, cleaner line, pool skimmer, and other plumbing lines that you plugged in during the off-season.

Failing To Run Filter Long Enough

It is typical to leave your pool system to run all day and night until the water has cleared. While it may cost you a little more, it is worth it. As a result, you will have saved more money on chemicals. You will save time cleaning the pool, but you should also allow your system to run for a few days consecutively.


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