Preparing Your Pool for Spring

Preparing Your Pool for Spring

March 2, 2022

Most people who have pools get excited when springtime arrives because it is time to open the pool. If this is your first time opening the pool in spring, you may be asking yourself, "How do I prepare my pool for spring?" Fortunately, the steps are simple and easy to follow, and the time it will take to get your pool ready depends on the size of your pool. Following the steps listed below will ensure your pool will be safe and ready for swimmers when the job is complete. If you ask yourself, "Do I have to do stuff to my pool to prepare for spring?", continue reading. 

Step 1: Clean the Pool Cover

During fall and winter, debris can collect on the pool cover, which will end up in the pool if you don’t clean the debris. If water has accumulated on the cover, start by using the skimmer to remove the debris from the water and then use a cover pump or a shop vac to remove the water. You should tighten the sides of the cover first.

Step 2: Remove the Pool Cover

If you use water bags to weigh the pool down, start by emptying the water bags. Next, fold the cover like an accordion and when it’s off, put it in a sunny area to dry out, so you can pack it away until the end of summer.

Step 3: Inspect the Filter

Before you get the filter running, you should inspect it for damage. You should check the pump, skimmer basket, plugs, and connections. If there is minor damage to these parts, you can repair them using waterproof products. If any parts are severely damaged, it is best to replace them.

Step 4: Get the Filter Going

To get your filter ready, remove any winter plugs used to keep the water from freezing. Next, use the manufacturer’s instructions to reassemble the pump filter and attach any plugs and hoses removed when the pool was closed.

Before starting the filter, it is essential to remove the air from the equipment and plumbing. If you skip this step, the air will compress during the filtration process, seriously damaging the filter.

When everything is done, you can start the filter and check that the pressure levels remain a the level recommended in the manufacturer’s instructions. If you don’t have the instructions, you should be able to find them online easily.

Step 5: Add Water

If the water had evaporated when your pool was closed, you should add water. Before doing this, check for any structural damage to the pool. If it isn’t fixed before the pool is filled, it needs to be repaired before the damage gets worse.

Step 6: Cleaning

Start by using a skimmer to remove any debris that has fallen into the pool. This is also a good time to vacuum the pool to ensure it is clean and safe for swimming.

Step 7: Add Chemicals

Before opening your pool, you will need chemicals to treat the water. The first thing you should do is make sure you have all the necessary chemicals you need all summer long. These include:

  • Chlorine tablets

  • Chlorine stock

  • pH increaser and decreaser

  • Alkalinity and calcium increaser

  • Stabilizer

  • Clarifiers

  • Test strips

Next, using a test strip, check the water to determine which chemicals need to be added. It is best to wait at least an hour after adding the chemicals before swimming.

It is essential to follow all the steps listed above when opening your pool for spring. If you don’t, the water won’t be clear and may not be safe for swimming. 


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