Leaf Those Steep Vacuum Fees in the Past!

Leaf Those Steep Vacuum Fees in the Past!

April 17, 2022

If you own a swimming pool, chances are, you like to keep it clean. Leaves can be an enemy of a clean pool, especially if you have trees anywhere near your pool. Many pool cleaning companies will charge you extra if you have a lot of leaves or other debris floating in your pool.

You might ask yourself, "How do I clean the leaves out of my pool?" or "What’s the best way to get the leaves out of my pool?" Let’s talk about a few ways to save yourself some time and money by having a clear pool before the pool servicing company comes over.

Pool Skimmers Are Important

Pool skimmers are vitally important to your pool staying clean and keeping debris out. They will move across the water and collect leaves and debris without needing much help. Just be sure the collection container isn’t full. It’s recommended that you check it and empty it often for your pool skimmer to properly and effectively do its job.

Make Sure You’re Covered

If you have a pool cover built into your pool, USE IT. If your pool doesn’t have a pool cover, you might want to look into the cost of getting one. Being able to keep your water covered in between pool uses will considerably cut down on the leaves and debris that blow into your pool. If it saves you the hassle of having to fish out all sorts of things before your pool servicing company comes over, it’s worth spending a little money to have one.

Leaf Nets Are Effective and Can Be Peaceful to Use

If you have a leaf net attached to a pole, you are able to remove most of the leaves and floating debris yourself. And it can actually be pretty relaxing and zen-like to skim the water while slowly walking around the perimeter of your pool. Try putting on some relaxing music outside, take your time and enjoy a little bit of a workout while caring for your pool. Your pool servicing company will also be glad you did.

A Leaf Rake Is Your Friend

Using a leaf rake can be a bit tricky. The best technique is to feel along the bottom of your pool with the edge of the leaf rake, slowly pushing it across the bottom of your pool. Bounce the net just a bit to create a tiny bit of a current toward the front of the net. Extend your pole, working across your pool in rows. As you reach the other end of the pool, flip the net over with a short pull backward toward your direction to make a counter current. Be sure to empty the net frequently, so as not to release leaves you’ve collected back into the water.

Following these tips can ensure a cleaner pool for you and your family to enjoy. Your pool servicing company will appreciate it as well!

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