March 28, 2019

Monroe homeowner

"Mario and his team (Pedro of course!) have always been available to keep our pool in top shape since installed 15 years ago. Well worth the investment with a professional installer. Josh at the store provides EXPERT water analysis and diagnosis in an easy to understand manner. Always use his chemicals! "
March 11, 2019

"Great pool "
March 11, 2019

"Great pool & hot tub store, my local store doesn't carry what i need in Naugatuck but not far from my home is this wonderful place, i have an above ground pool & a hot tub so they have everything i need to maintain them both. :-) I recommend talking to the store guy for anything you need he is very polite and never oversells me on anything."
February 14, 2019

"Two years ago i was going to another store outside of town for my chemicals and support for my pool & my hot tub, and i was having so much trouble, last year a friend of mine said try the local guy, give him a chance, and I have been very pleased so far with the support and results Josh has given me and my husband, he pays attention and doesn't oversell, for the first time in years we saw the bottom of our pool crystal clear... and our hot tub isn't cloudy anymore either. I recommend them highly."
February 13, 2019

"This is for Mr. Miller. I bought my first above ground pool from another company, and it was destroyed by a tree falling on it... but I have to admit was on my second liner in less than 2 years... which made me want to get rid of the pool in general, instead I decided to give a-1 a shot in Oxford to get me a better pool, and hopefully a better liner. About this guy I met with...unlike that other company, he sat with me, took his time, went through the process in detail...and made sure that this time, I wouldn't be replacing liners so often. This is my 5th year owning this pool, and no liner changes!!! Also to note I have never been more pleased after checking in over the winter again with him knowing this company is succeeding. I know I wouldn't go anywhere else again. I want to wish a1 the best and I hope this season is great for all of us. Thank you so much."
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