September 26, 2019

"Hey guys! I just wanted to say it was a great season with you supporting my pool again.... if Josh wasn't there this year my pool would have never been that clear.... phosphates are an absolute nightmare but anytime we deal with them they are gone once he works his magic.... my pool has never looked better. Thank you for an excellent pool season!!!!! Harry."
September 3, 2019

"5 Stars"
August 16, 2019

"Excellent service and products."
April 29, 2019

Pool Owner

"We have been enjoying our above ground pool for several years now. From install until present day, A-1 has been super. We recommend A-1 to everyone that inquires about our set up."
March 28, 2019

Monroe homeowner

"Mario and his team (Pedro of course!) have always been available to keep our pool in top shape since installed 15 years ago. Well worth the investment with a professional installer. Josh at the store provides EXPERT water analysis and diagnosis in an easy to understand manner. Always use his chemicals! "
A-1 Pools & Spas