How to Properly Close Your In-Ground Pool for Winter

How to Properly Close Your In-Ground Pool for Winter

December 7, 2022

If you are a pool owner, it is very important that you know how to properly close up your pool for winter. If you have been wondering, "How do you close an inground pool for the winter," this quick guide will provide you with the basic info you need to get this task done in a timely manner.

Why Is This Important?

If you do not properly close up your pool for winter, the pool could sustain damage during the long winter months. You will deal with a lot of problems next spring when you are ready to use your pool again as well.

Bacteria, algae and other unwanted things can start to grow in the pool and water when left unattended. If you fail to close up the pool properly, it will cause you a lot of extra time and money in the spring. So, let’s dive into the question, "How do you close an inground pool step by step?"

When to Close the Pool

It is always kind of sad when summer is coming to an end and it is time to close up the pool. This is not a time to get emotional, though. You need to close up the pool in a timely manner to avoid problems.

You need to be aware of the temperature patterns of your area to know when to close up. If the temps in your area stay below 65 degrees F during the off season, then you will want to wait until the temp falls to this point to close up. Once the temperature has dropped to the off season level, the chance of algae growing is decreased.

If your area sees a lot of warm days throughout the off season, then you will need to test and balance the water on warmer days to make sure the water stays clean and clear until the next season.

Steps for Closing Up the Pool

  • Clean. The first thing you will want to do is conduct a thorough cleaning of the pool. Use the pool vacuum to ensure that the pool is free of any and all debris and sediment.
  • Test. After cleaning, you will want to test the water. If you want a very accurate reading before closing up, you should take a water sample to your local pool store to have the professionals test it. It is very important that the pH levels are good before closing up.
  • Winterizing chemicals. You are now ready to add the winterizing chemicals. These chemicals will ensure the water in your pool stays clean and clear during the winter months.

Winterizing chemicals will help to keep algae away with algaecide, and ensure that metal components of the pool do not corrode with metal sequestrant.

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