The Ultimate Guide To Preparing Your Pool for Fall

The Ultimate Guide To Preparing Your Pool for Fall

October 6, 2022

Who doesn’t love a great swimming pool? For many pool owners, the season is coming to a close, and it is time to start thinking about how to close up your pool if you have not already closed it. Knowing what needs to be done to get your pool ready for fall and winter can help make the task a bit less daunting and can help you tackle your pool prep.

How Do You Prepare your Pool for Fall?

You first need to remove any pool accessories and find a safe, dry place to store them. This can be things like pool toys, pool noodles, and any other accessories that you may have purchased through the summer. You want to ensure they are fully dry before storing them to prevent bacteria and mold from growing.

Next, you need to test the water quality. This will let you know what needs to be added to your pool water to ensure it will not grow algae and other nasty fungi during the winter months. You should be testing for any chemical levels that will make the pool less than ready to be closed up all winter.

The next thing to do is to lower the pool water level. You do this for a few reasons. First, lowering the water below the level of the pool filter intake and output is going to protect your filter and filter hoses. It is important that your filter and hoses do not have water in them to freeze and damage them during the winter. The lowered water level also makes it easier for the cover to fit the pool better and fit closer to the water.

The right pool cover is going to make a huge difference as well. Taking the time to find a cover you can put on by yourself or with the help that you have is a must. It can help keep your pool clean and secure for the winter months.

What Do You Do With Your pool in the Fall?

Unless you live in a very warm climate, most people are not still swimming in their pools when the fall months arrive. For most people, the fall is the time when they start figuring out what their pool needs to be winterized and kept for the winter. The fall is also a great time to go ahead and evaluate your pool and see if it needs any upgrades, updates or replacement parts.

Fall is a time when you need to figure out what your pool needs to be safe and secure during the winter months and to ensure that opening it back up in the spring is going to be as easy as possible.  

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