The 6 Best Ways To Keep Leaves From Falling Into Your Pool This Fall

The 6 Best Ways To Keep Leaves From Falling Into Your Pool This Fall

October 26, 2022

Pools provide hours of endless fun and entertainment for all ages, but for homeowners with trees, the leaves are not always your friend. Go from spending hours fishing leaves out of the pool to enjoying your free time by utilizing one of these proven and budget-friendly alternatives to prevent pesky leaves and debris from making a home in your pool. 

How Do I Keep Leaves Out of My Pool in the Fall?

Keep reading to learn about the six most effective ways to prevent leaves from getting in your pool.

1. Mesh Covers

Manufactured from mesh, these specially designed covers are meant to allow water to seep through but prevent leaves from entering the pool itself. One downside to a mesh cover is that you’ll still have to remove the leaves from the top of it, but they won’t be soggy and wet from the water. When installed correctly, a mesh cover is strung tightly over the pool so that you can use a blower to remove the leaves.

2. Leaf Nets

Think of a leaf net like a fishing net that is strung across the pool to catch the leaves. These are a more cost-effective solution than a mesh cover, but can deteriorate more quickly and may allow leaves to still enter the water.

3. Fences

Although fences are generally placed around pools as a safety barrier for children and pets, they can also be used to prevent leaves from blowing into the pool area. 

4. Landscaping

As a general rule of thumb, you’ll want to keep large tree branches and leafy plants away from the pool area. 

5. Solar Cover

Kill two birds with one stone by investing in a solar pool cover that utilizes the sun to heat your pool while also preventing leaves and other debris from entering the water. 

6. Automatic Pool Skimmer

A pool skimmer works around the clock to remove the leaves before they can break down and waste valuable chlorine. Think of a pool skimmer as a vacuum that uses a filter system to travel the top of the water to collect debris. You’ll have to empty the device daily, which can get clogged, making this a less desirable option. 

Now that you know the ways to prevent leaves from getting in my pool, you can let the team at A-1 Pools & Spas in Oxford, CT help with all your pool needs. 


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