Concrete Pools Pros and Cons

Concrete Pools Pros and Cons

July 20, 2022

Pools offer an opportunity for fun and relaxation in your backyard. Installing a concrete pool provides you with a pool that is both long-lasting and high quality. However, such a project is time-consuming and does require a notable investment. You may have the following questions: What are the advantages of concrete pools? What are the disadvantages of concrete pools? These are important to ask before having the work done.

Here are the pros and cons of having a concrete pool installed:

Pros of a Concrete Pool

  • Customization Options: One of the main advantages of a concrete pool is the customization options are nearly limitless. With a concrete pool, you can pick the size, shape, depth, and overall appearance of the pool. You can design your concrete pool to fit your specific needs, such as for your family, leisure activity, working out, or more serious competitive swimming. No matter your need, a concrete pool can meet it.
  • Durability: Another advantage of concrete pools is that they are sturdy and last for a very long time. Concrete pools are hard to damage and can resist various accidents or random events without much trouble. Plus, concrete pools can easily handle the elements no matter how hot or cold the weather may become. Once a concrete pool is installed, it takes years before repairs or replacement is needed.

Cons of a Concrete Pool

  • Installation Time: While other types of pools can be installed in a few weeks, a concrete pool is more work-intensive and can take up to six months to complete, depending on size, customization, and features you want.
  • Costs and Upkeep: Concrete pools cost more upfront to install than other types of pools. While a concrete pool is long-lasting and repairs are rare, regular maintenance is still a common and important part of pool ownership. Regular scrubbing and cleaning are also essential to keep your pool clean and prevent the build-up of algae.
  • Finish: The interior texture of a concrete pool can become rougher with time and even finished surfaces require regular resurfacing to avoid this outcome.

Final Thoughts

Home renovations not only improve the value of your home, they also make it more enjoyable to live in. A pool is a versatile addition to your property and can be used for sports, workouts, and simple relaxation. If you’re looking to add a pool specifically designed to fit your needs and want a pool that will last for years, a concrete pool could be a good solution provided you review the pros and cons.

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