Signs It’s Time To Repair Your Hot Tub

Signs It’s Time To Repair Your Hot Tub

May 2, 2022

Many people with hot tubs often ask, “When do I know it’s time to repair my hot tub?” Still, others wonder, “Does my hot tub need to be repaired?” While there is no single direct answer to that question, experts argue that there are signs that one should note. Thankfully, it is now easy to know when your hot tub needs a repair or a replacement. Here are some of the signs to beware of that show it’s time to repair or even replace your hot tub:

The Tub Emits an Odor

In most cases, spas usually emit a chemical smell. The smell, although faint, is a result of the chemicals used to do routine tub cleaning. But even with that faint smell, there is no reason to expect the tub to emit an unpleasant odor.

Therefore, if the water inside the tub has a strong odor, it is the first sign that you need to repair the tub. With a strong bad smell, chances are the filter, pump or even the tub drains are clogged. If this continues for some time, it is time to call an expert to look at your hot tub.

You Notice Constant Leaks

Hot tubs always have a definite water level. However, if the water level is diminishing gradually without any apparent reason, that might be a sign that something is wrong. The usual suspect is a leak.

To figure out where the actual leak is, you need an expert to examine the hot tub. After a thorough inspection, the expert is likely to tell where the spillage is and fix it before you lose all the water from the hot water tub.

Your Tub Has Faulty Jets

When they are working properly, jets often lead to a powerful and anticipated massage. However, if the jets are faulty, evidently by not working or lack the needed power, it is a concrete sign that your hot tub needs a repair.

At this point, you need an expert to evaluate the tub to see if he/she can diagnose the problem. It is important to remember that low water levels affect jet function. Therefore, before you or the expert rules out that the jet is faulty, ensure the hot tub water level is at the optimum.

Besides, before the expert concludes that the jet is faulty, ensure the tub’s drain is covered properly and that no water escapes. However, if the expert finds no issue with the two after checking, then it is time to check if the hot tub is jammed.

At times, faulty jets can be a result of a minor clog, which can be rectified within a few seconds or the spa’s valves, the pump, or even the control panel have issues. In short, allow the expert to check if everything is okay before embarking on a serious hot tub repair.

Bottom Line

Enjoying a warm massage inside your hot tub is quite an experience that everyone wants. However, from time to time, like any other home equipment, hot tubs get messy, thus warranting repairs or even replacements.

If you suspect your hot tub is faulty and needs repair, we will be glad to do that for you. Our experts are at your service 10 hours a day, Monday through Sunday. You can contact Mario Capela for a reasonable quote. Alternatively, visit A-1 Pools & Spas at 131 Oxford Road Oxford, CT 06478, or call our toll-free number (203) 888-5915.

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