Five Advantages of Gunite Swimming Pools

Five Advantages of Gunite Swimming Pools

January 13, 2022

While swimming pools are likely the last thing on your mind during winter, it is the perfect time to plan your design and construction timeline so you can have a pool ready to enjoy by summer. The value of custom gunite swimming pools should not be underestimated. Custom gunite swimming pools offer more options and benefits than traditional in-ground swimming pools. Here are five of these advantages:

  • Fits any landscape: Fiberglass pools are traditional, but they are not nearly as customizable to your landscaping. This aspect proves to be a disadvantage if your yard is hilly, rocky or oddly shaped. Gunite forms to any shape or size to match your yard, and you do not have to change your landscaping to fit the pool. Instead, the pool becomes a seamless addition to existing landscaping. Your end result may look more like a pretty mountain lake than an artificial water feature.
  • Durability: Gunite is among the best in-ground pool materials available on the market. These pools last the longest and usually offer the best warranties. Since they are durable, you worry less about damage and repairs. You will pay more to build one, but that tends to pay for itself with longevity. It will be years before you even have to consider remodeling or replacement.
  • More finishing options: When you choose gunite, your options expand. Other pools feature a bright blue or green that may clash with your landscaping. They appear artificial, rather than like a landscaping feature. Gunite offers finishes and textures that blend in rather than stand out. Choose from various colors to help your pool fit in with your layout and foliage. Pebbles provide a natural look, but if you seek luster, choose glass. The only limit is your imagination.
  • Easier construction: Most of the cost of gunite pool installation is due to the materials, but construction is relatively more straightforward. Custom gunite pools contain a rebar framework sprayed with a concrete and sand mixture. It takes less time than pouring concrete or working in a fiberglass mold. Also, outdoor temperature affects construction time on concrete pools. If there is a sudden cold blast, the concrete may not dry correctly and need repouring. You do not have to worry about this contingency with a gunite pool.
  • More amenities: Personalization does not stop with the pool. The variety of sizes, depths and shapes also affects the amenities around the pool. You can add whatever you want, including tanning ledges, underwater benches, barstools and swim-up bars. Consider adding water features like streams and waterfalls, which give a natural look to your pool. It’s also easy to add a hot tub or wading pool to supplement your main gunite pool. Chances are, whatever you want, we can deliver it!

A-1 Pools & Spas creates custom gunite swimming pools, from design to construction. If you wish to add a pool to your yard this summer, we offer the guidance and expertise you need to make the correct choice. Contact us today to learn more about the value of custom gunite swimming pools.

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