Are Bathroom Accidents in the Pool Dangerous?

Are Bathroom Accidents in the Pool Dangerous?

August 10, 2021

A backyard pool is truly an oasis during the hot, humid days of summer, but it can also be cause for some health concerns if you’re enjoying a swim with your loved ones. Bathroom accidents in the pool can be harmful to the health of all those who are trying to enjoy the pool. Here are some things to keep in mind when it comes to pool safety and health.

Diarrhea and swimming is a recipe for disaster

Bathroom accidents in the pool, particularly diarrhea accidents, are hazardous to the health of everyone who uses the pool. Even one single diarrheal incident can release millions of germs, including norovirus, Cryptosporidium and E. coli. While most germs are killed within minutes if you use the right combination of chlorine or bromine to disinfect your pool, Cryptosporidium can survive in the water for more than seven days.

Exposure to contaminated pool water can cause recreational water illnesses, including skin, ear, respiratory, eye and other infections. Swallowing contaminated water is especially harmful, and even just a mouthful can cause you to get very sick. Everyone is at risk when exposed to contaminated water, but children, pregnant women and people with compromised immune systems are especially vulnerable.

Tips for safe swimming

As a pool owner, it’s your duty to make sure your pool is safe for swimming, not just for yourself, but for your family and guests. Follow these simple tips to promote pool safety and health as you and your friends and family enjoy a refreshing swim this summer:

  • Always use the right combination of chemicals, including chlorine or bromine, to keep your pool water disinfected all summer long. You should check disinfectant levels and pH at least twice every day, and more often if your pool is in heavy use. Consult your local pool professionals if you need help determining the right chlorine or bromine levels and pH for your pool.
  • Stay out of the pool when you’re sick with diarrhea. Make sure that no one using the pool is sick.
  • Always shower for at least one minute before getting into the water to remove everything, including dirt, on your body. When chlorine mixes with dirt or bodily fluids, it creates chemicals that irritate the eyes. Getting into a pool when dirty also depletes the chlorine supply in the water, making it more likely for germs to spread in the water.
  • Never swallow water while swimming, and never use the bathroom in the water.
  • If you’re swimming with children, take them on frequent bathroom breaks. When swimming with infants in diapers, do regular diaper checks every hour and always change diapers well away from the pool water.

Swimming is only enjoyable if it can be done safely. By following the pool safety and health tips listed above, and by using the right disinfecting products to keep your pool water free from germs, you can ensure the health and wellbeing of everyone who stops by for a swim. Visit A-1 Pools & Spas today to pick up the products you need to swim safely.

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