Best Tips to Maintain and Care for Your Above Ground Pool

Best Tips to Maintain and Care for Your Above Ground Pool

May 6, 2021

There are many benefits that come with owning a pool. For starters, pools offer great fun for families. Kids love to play in a pool, and adults can enjoy a relaxing swim or use it as a great exercise tool to help them keep in shape. It’s a great way to cool off in hot weather, and having a pool in the yard can increase the value of a home.

Sometimes it’s too difficult or too expensive to have an in-ground pool installed on your property. There’s a lot of digging and heavy machinery involved in this type of installation— fortunately, there is an alternative. Above ground pools in New Haven County, CT can be an affordable and manageable solution.

Above ground pool maintenance in New Haven County, CT is similar to in-ground pool maintenance; you need to keep the water clean and all the mechanical and electrical systems working properly. Here are some other tips for keeping your above ground pools in top shape.

Cleaning your above ground pool

The cleaning of an above ground pool uses the same tools and techniques as cleaning an in-ground pool. This includes brushing, skimming and vacuuming. While a wall skimmer can catch most floating debris, there will be times where you will need to scoop it out yourself.

For manual skimming, a bag-style leaf rake works best for larger debris, like leaves, on the pool floor. If pollen or bugs are a big problem in your neighborhood, a flat skimmer is good for keeping the top of your pool free of this type of debris.

Your above ground pool in New Haven County, CT likely has a skimmer basket and pump basket to catch floating debris as well. It’s important to empty these at least once a week.

Filtering your above ground pool

It’s vitally important to keep your above ground pool filtered. The pump needs to run for 8–12 hours per day. Skipping even one day can result in your pool looking cloudy and algae starting to build up. This is especially true in the sun-soaked summer months, when chlorine breaks down quickly due to the heat of the sun.

Your pool should have a consistent and correct chlorine level to ensure the water is clean and safe for swimming. To check the cleanliness of your water, you should use test strips or a test kit to check the chlorine levels. This is especially important to do any time fresh water is added to the pool. You can generate chlorine and keep a consistent level using your pool’s pump or with chlorine tablets in a floating device.

When you’re looking for the best in above ground pool maintenance in New Haven County, CT, get in touch with the experts at A-1 Pools & Spas. We have decades of experience in the industry and can be trusted to provide high-quality workmanship and customer service every time. Contact us today to learn more or schedule a consultation. We look forward to assisting you.

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