Spring Is Here! Have You Completed Your Spring Pool Checklist?

Spring Is Here! Have You Completed Your Spring Pool Checklist?

March 17, 2021

We’re happy to report that it’s almost pool season! But before you put your swimsuit on and dive in, you’ll need to perform a little bit of spring pool maintenance in New Haven County, CT. This post will cover the top maintenance tasks to get your pool ready for the year:

  • Test the water: Because the pH and alkalinity levels change drastically when the temperatures drop in the winter, it’s vital to test your pool water in the spring. Add chemicals as needed, depending on the results of your test.
  • Clean the filter: You should start each season with a clean filter. Pool filters last anywhere from three to five years. You should replace yours if it’s older than that.
  • Perform a safety inspection: A thorough safety inspection is a must, especially if you have kids. Your fencing should be up to code, all ladders and diving boards should be secure and you should have all the necessary safety equipment. Spring is also a good time to hire an electrician to inspect the electrical system.
  • Address any problems: Make a note of any cracks, missing tiles or other visible damage during your safety inspection. Be sure to call a professional for repairs if you spot anything that seems off. The sooner in the season you make repairs, the less expensive they’re likely to be.
  • Create a weekly maintenance schedule: Pool ownership requires much more than simple spring pool prep in New Haven County, CT. Weekly maintenance items include things like skimming and testing the water, adding chemicals, cleaning filters and checking for any signs of damage.

Hire a pro to prep your pool!

You can perform all of this spring pool maintenance in New Haven County, CT by yourself, but it may make more sense to hire a professional. Here are a few reasons why paying a pro is the way to go:

  • Save time and energy: Spring pool maintenance doesn’t take all that long. However, you have better things to do than toil away outside by the pool. While your pool technician performs all of the maintenance tasks, you can spend time deciding which bathing suit you’ll wear this summer!
  • Ensure the job’s done right: Properly opening your pool is an essential part of keeping the water safe and preventing the need for repairs. When you hire a pro, you can rest easy knowing these chores will be handled correctly.
  • Routine service available: We believe summer days should be spent enjoying your pool, not taking care of it! After your technician opens your pool, you’ll have the opportunity to set up routine maintenance visits throughout the summer.

Call A-1 Pools & Spas today

Don’t just hire anyone to perform your pool prep in New Haven County, CT—choose our team at A-1 Pools & Spas. On top of getting your pool ready for the season, we’re capable of performing weekly or bi-weekly maintenance. You don’t want to miss out on any pool days, so contact us today to book your appointment.

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