Six Must-Have Accessories for Your Above-Ground Pool

Six Must-Have Accessories for Your Above-Ground Pool

February 20, 2021

An above-ground pool is an excellent option if, for some reason, you cannot accommodate an in-ground pool. Most pool accessories work for them, and you still get the enjoyment of a swimming pool. Some items should be on your must-have list if you want maximum enjoyment this summer. Here are six above-ground pool accessories to acquire before summer arrives in New Haven County, CT:

  • Waterproof Bluetooth speakers: You cannot have a pool party without sound! Pipe in your favorite music with waterproof Bluetooth speakers. You can choose models that float or those that can hang out near your pool without fear of them getting wet. Hook your smartphone to them and listen to your favorite playlists as you swim, play or enjoy your floating lounge.
  • Drink holders: Floating drink holders keep beer out of your pool. No one wants to pollute their pools, and draining an above-ground pool is a super-flooded pain. Instead, install drink holders that keep beer, wine, soda and cocktails upright. You can also purchase stemware and pint glasses that float, just in case you get one unfortunate spill. Glass is dangerous around pools and should not be anywhere near your swimming or lounging guests!
  • Floating lounges: Sometimes, there are few things more therapeutic than just sitting in a lounge and floating. Many types also contain drink holders, so you can float, drink and enjoy the sun. If you sunburn easily, find a lounge with a canopy so you can enjoy the warm weather without turning into a lobster. There are lounges for one, but if you like company and your pool is large enough, find a “party float” lounge that holds two to four people.
  • Water fountains: Fountains are delightful additions to pools. They add aesthetic charm and make it easy to cool off when you float around in your favorite lounge. If you need a nap, they provide soothing white noise that will drift you off to sleep. Children love them as an additional way to play, and you can add to the fun by choosing fountains with colorful LED lights. There is nothing wrong with adding a light show to your evening summer swim.
  • Floating LED lights: Even when you are not swimming, floating LED lights add atmosphere to your outdoor space. You can find LED light balls as small as three inches or as large as 20 inches (about the size of a basketball). They are remote controlled, so you can set them up to cycle through many colors or choose solid colors.
  • Waterproof games: There are floating sets for ping pong, volleyball, bean bag toss and even Uno. You can also buy water blaster sets and play shooting games in the pool as you battle from your favorite lounges. If you want additional entertainment for your swim, look into these games and prepare to indulge.

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