How Long Do Fiberglass Swimming Pools Last?

How Long Do Fiberglass Swimming Pools Last?

February 6, 2021

Fiberglass pools are a favorite due to their long-term cost-effectiveness. If you choose one, you can expect it to last over 25 years, and sometimes longer if you take good care of it. You have options with lower installation costs, but they do not offer the same longevity as fiberglass. We advise you to take the plunge (literally!) and invest in the best. Here are four elements that contribute to the lifespan of a fiberglass swimming pool in New Haven County, CT:

  • Manufacturer: Just as in any industry, some swimming pool manufacturers are better than others. Many manufacturing elements come together to build your pool. They include material quality, building process and crew experience. The laminate schedule, which is the order and thickness of materials between the mold and the fiberglass shell, is a complex process that depends on timing and conditions. When you choose a contractor, find someone who works with reputable manufacturers and properly educates their crews. You want a contractor who uses tested materials and processes.
  • Installation: You can find the best swimming pool building materials in the world, and they will not help unless a contractor correctly installs them. When assessing contractors, check out their galleries and see if they previously installed pools similar to what you desire. They should have experience with many pool shapes and terrain conditions. You also want to know if they have work guarantees and warranties to stand behind their projects. Pools deteriorate due to leaks, shifting or settling, and those problems start with a shoddy installation job. Find an experienced contractor, but also make sure they will fix any mistakes without charging you. After installation, watch for cracks and other signs of settling and shifting.
  • Maintenance: Some pools are decades old but look like they were installed yesterday. Unfortunately, other pools are only a few years old and look like deteriorating swamps. The difference is maintenance. Pools undergo harsh conditions. Sunlight, chlorinated water, debris and use all take their toll. If you do not clean or maintain your pool, these elements eat away at the fiberglass shell, and eventually, your pool fails. Learn to balance chemicals, clean and maintain your pool. This routine also includes knowing when to call for help. If you would rather spend time enjoying your pool than fixing or cleaning it, hire a pool service to do the hard stuff. It often costs less than you expect, and it will help your investment last longer.
  • Contractor quality: The best way to make sure these elements come together is by hiring a reputable pool contractor. Find someone you trust and who offers the designs you seek, but also find someone who forms partnerships with good manufacturers and keeps their knowledge updated. Do not seek the lowest cost—seek the highest competence!

A-1 Pools & Spas is a fiberglass swimming pool contractor serving New Haven County, CT. We offer maintenance and construction for fiberglass swimming pools and hot tubs and can install a new in-ground pool in as little as two weeks. Call us today to schedule an estimate.

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