New Year’s Resolutions for Pool Owners

New Year’s Resolutions for Pool Owners

January 11, 2021

‘Tis the season for New Year’s resolutions: promises we all make for ourselves and strive to uphold in the hopes that we’ll make improvements in our lives in the year ahead. For many, it means eating healthier, exercising more, quitting a bad habit or making an overdue change. But New Year’s resolutions can apply to anything. If you’re a pool owner, there are some pool-specific resolutions to consider this year.

Resolution: Maintain a swimming pool maintenance schedule

Most pool owners in New Haven County, CT pay close attention to their pool’s cleanliness right before they intend on using it. You might skim out any debris and add pH balancer before a weekend of hot weather and swimming, but beyond that, many pool owners are hit or miss with a routine cleaning schedule. This is the year to make swimming pool maintenance a priority.

Whether you assume the duty yourself or pay a pool cleaning company to do it, make sure your pool is getting weekly attention. This means more than skimming and pH balancing. It also means brushing sediment off the pool’s walls, vacuuming the pool, cleaning the auto skimmer, checking the pump and filter and more. Make pool maintenance a weekly priority.

Resolution: Replace the liner

All the pool maintenance tips in the world won’t save your pool if the liner is bad. If your liner is cracked, peeling or flaking off, make this year the year you resolve to replace it. In addition, wrinkles, fading and leaks can signal a pool liner that’s at the end of its life. Take these signs as calls to action to start saving for a new liner.

While it might be tempting to spend a few hundred dollars on a liner patch, those patches can add up in time. In most cases, it’s much more cost effective for homeowners to eat the cost of a liner replacement upfront and give themselves years of worry-free pool use in the future. It might not feel great shelling out a couple thousand dollars (depending on the size of your pool), but it’s a resolution your future self will thank you for following through on.

Resolution: Switch to eco-friendly pH balancers

One of the most popular resolutions people make is to be more environmentally friendly in their everyday life. Using vinyl grocery bags. Recycling cans and bottles. Participating in neighborhood trash pickups. If you’re a pool owner, you can add eco-friendly swimming pool maintenance to the list. The simplest change to make? Switching to eco-friendly pH balancers.

It might sound absurd, but you can keep your pool clean and sterile without using chlorine. There are clarifiers and pH balancers out there made from all-natural materials that keep your water fresh and clean, without affecting the environment. Consider natural minerals that stop algae growth, as well as organic enzymes to balance pH. Your pool—and nature—will thank you for your green-minded resolution.

Resolution: Be a more engaged pool owner this year

These simple resolutions are part of one bigger one that any pool owner needs to consider in the year ahead: being more engaged. While pools across New Haven County, CT only open for a few months each year, these months are a vital time to keep up on care and maintenance, and to make good decisions about your pool. Follow these pool maintenance tips and you’ll find that your pool is more enjoyable this year.

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