Four Benefits of Using a Pool Heater

Four Benefits of Using a Pool Heater

January 25, 2021

Of the many accessories you can add-to or use with a pool, few offer the wonderful benefits of a swimming pool heater. Slipping into a swimming pool that’s a perfectly-heated 80 degrees can feel like a dream when the end-of-summer temps in New Haven County, CT drop down into the 60s. All it takes is one delightful swim for pool owners to realize the benefits of heating a swimming pool.

The beauty of most swimming pool heaters is that they’re extremely affordable to operate—most cost less than $5 or $6 each day to maintain. And that’s only when you’re using the heater! During peak swimming season, you’re unlikely to need it. Needless to say, it’s a wonderful addition to any pool. Here’s a look at four reasons why you should consider the investment:

  • Extend your swim season: Instead of swimming primarily in July and August, your swimming season could easily be extended by a month on either side thanks to a swimming pool heater. Imagine sliding into a well-heated pool in June or being able to take a late-season dip in early September. Heating a swimming pool can actually improve your return on investment by helping you enjoy your pool for more time each year.
  • Swim after the sun goes down: Even in the middle of peak swimming season, nighttime temperatures in New Haven County, CT can still make an evening swim a chilly endeavor. If you’re the type of person who loves to take a dip in the nighttime hours, heating your pool can give you a comfortable way to swim after the sun goes down and temperatures recede. Even a 10-degree difference between ambient air and your pool can make a big difference.
  • Loosen up those muscles: There’s a big difference between swimming in warm water and cool-to-cold water. Namely, your muscles tend to feel looser and stronger in warm water than they do in the cold. For those who swim as part of their exercise regimen or who swim to build strength, a swimming pool heater is a great investment in your stamina and strength. Plus, it’s a whole lot nicer than freezing-cold water!
  • Control the temperature: No matter what time of year it is, your pool’s water temperature will fluctuate depending on the air around it. You’ll notice even a few degrees’ fluctuation, and it can really affect your enjoyment of your pool. A swimming pool heater takes the guesswork and fluctuation out of water temperature and fixes it at a comfortable level so you’re guaranteed to enjoy it every time you swim.

If you’ve been considering heating a swimming pool in New Haven County, CT, take the plunge and get yourself a heater. These four benefits alone are enough to pay for it in-kind, and you’re sure to love the control it gives you over the comfort of your pool.

Just remember that, like all parts of your pool, adding a heater means adding a new system to oversee and maintain. Given the right attention, your heater will work flawlessly to provide you with a sublime swimming experience every time you cannonball into it.

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