Holiday Presents Hot Tub Owners Will Love in 2020

Holiday Presents Hot Tub Owners Will Love in 2020

December 11, 2020

Many people have no clue what to give their friends for the holidays. But if they own a hot tub, the answer is simple—there are plenty of hot tub gift ideas to choose from that would be perfect for your friends in New Haven County, CT. Begin your search with the following gift ideas for hot tub owners.

Inflatable snack bar

No one wants to leave the comfort of their hot tub just to grab a snack. Your friends can keep the party going with help from an inflatable snack bar. It floats in the hot tub while securely holding food and beverages so you can enjoy some uninterrupted relaxation. These snack bars make a fun conversation starter and are big enough to hold food for the entire group. The recipient of this hot tub gift idea will never host a gathering without it!

Hot tub cleaning net

Everyone can appreciate a gift that’s purely functional. The perfect gift idea for hot tub owners is a pool net that makes cleaning a whole lot easier. Get one for your friend that has a retractable pole so they can adjust it to whatever length they need. A pool net allows hot tub owners to fish out debris without having to bend over and risk falling into the water. Hot tubs require constant maintenance, so you can’t go wrong with giving a cleaning net to your friend.

LED accessories

Bring a cool vibe to your friend’s late-night parties with LED accessories. Waterproof LED lights will make the hot tub glow with every color imaginable and transform your friend’s backyard into the go-to place for a fun time. Continue with the LED trend by giving them a wine bottle chiller that lights up and LED stools where people can gather on the patio. LED accessories are the hot tub gift ideas that show friends the real party starts once the sun goes down.

Towel bars

Every hot tub owner in New Haven County, CT needs a clean, dry place to set their towels. People often resort to leaving towels on the dirty ground or a chair that’s far away from the hot tub. Towel bars are the obvious solution. They attach to the side of your friend’s hot tub and are very easy to install without professional assistance. Thanks to you, your friends will have fresh towels waiting for them the second they step out of the water.

Aromatherapy oils

Treat your loved ones to a spa day at home with a collection of aromatherapy oils. All they have to do is run fresh water into the hot tub and add their favorite scent. Lavender is one popular choice, especially if your friend loves to unwind in their hot tub at the end of a stressful work day. This gift idea for hot tub owners is also great for anyone who appreciates a relaxing bath.

These gift ideas are just a starting point. The local specialists at A-1 Pools & Spas know exactly what hot tub owners will love and are here to help you find the perfect gift. Browse our most popular gift ideas or stop by the store in New Haven, CT to speak with a friendly team member.

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