Why Are Pool Filters So Important?

Why Are Pool Filters So Important?

November 6, 2020

Lots of pool owners—especially new pool owners—wonder about why their pool filter is so important. Why, exactly, are you supposed to replace it? What does it do? Can you have a pool service take care of your pool filter replacement and maintenance in New Haven County, CT?

Pool maintenance is easy when you work with a pool service company like A-1 Pools & Spas, although there are some tasks you can perform on your own. Having a pool is a great entertainment and exercise opportunity, so it’s smart to keep it clean—you never know when you’ll want to hop in and enjoy the water.

Keeping your water clean

Obviously, the most important function of a pool filter is to keep your water clean and free of debris. Your pool filter is filled with either sand, diatomaceous earth or cartridges. Your pool pump forces water through the skimmers and filters, which catch algae, dirt and other impurities. After the water has been forced through the filter, it’s much cleaner. If your pool water is particularly dirty, it may take hours or even several days to completely filter the water. However, the cleaner your filter, the fewer chemicals you’ll have to use.

That’s why it’s so important that you properly maintain your pool filter. If you don’t clean and replace it according to schedule, you could be floating in some seriously filthy, chemical-laden water.

Maintaining your pool filter

How do you maintain a pool filter in New Haven County, CT? Depending on the type of pool filter, maintenance tasks might look a bit different. For example, cartridge filters can be hosed down with a soft brush to remove any remaining dirt. Sand and diatomaceous earth (DE) filters need to be backwashed once per week (sand) or twice per week (DE). Here’s how to do that:

  • Set up shop: First, turn off the filter and get out your backwash hose. Turn the key assembly to the “backwash” setting.
  • Run the water: Next, turn on the pump and run it until the water in your sight glass looks clear. This takes about a minute or so. The water in your backwash will look filthy (as it should).
  • Rinse and finish: Next, turn the key assembly to “rinse” and turn the pump back on. Run it for about 10 seconds, shut it off and set your filter back to regular scheduling.
  • Final step: If you have a DE filter, you’ll need to “charge” that by adding more diatomaceous earth powder into the skimmer, while the filter is running.

Make sure you get your sand filters changed every three to five years. DE filters should be cleaned at least once daily. Of course, if you’ve been having trouble getting your pool water clean, you may need to change or clean your filter more often.

For help with pool filter replacement and maintenance in New Haven County, CT, reach out to A-1 Pools & Spas today. We can make your maintenance tasks as easy as possible.

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