Prepare Your Swimming Pool for the End of Summer

Prepare Your Swimming Pool for the End of Summer

August 14, 2020

Owning a swimming pool comes with a lot of perks, but it also comes with a lot of responsibilities. To ensure your pool is always ready for you and your family to enjoy, it’s important to invest some time into cleaning and maintenance. After a summer of enjoying your swimming pool, it’s time for some end-of-season pool maintenance in New Haven County, CT. Keep reading to learn how to properly maintain your pool as fall rolls around.

Whether you’ve had your swimming pool for years or you’re a new swimming pool owner, there’s always room for improvement when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. Here are some pool maintenance tips in New Haven County, CT to help you stay on track with pool care this summer:

  • Gather the necessary supplies and materials: Before getting started with pool cleaning and maintenance, gather all the supplies and materials you’ll need for a successful project. Protect your skin and eyes from pool chemicals by wearing gloves and goggles. Make sure you have everything else you need on hand, including pool chemicals, cleaning tools and testing supplies.
  • Test your water: Use a testing strip to test your water and check for any chemical imbalances that must be corrected. These testing strips will give you a better idea of the quality of your water and provide you with the information you need to treat your pool effectively.
  • Use shock treatments: Shock treatments are designed to quickly and effectively eradicate bacteria, fungi and microorganisms that develop in swimming pools. Shock treatments are very strong chemicals, so it’s important to avoid using your pool for a few days following shock treatment. After shock treatment, test your pool water again to check chemical levels and water balance.
  • Clean debris from your pool: Even if your pool water is properly balanced, you might still notice some debris floating around in it. Branches, leaves and other debris often get caught in pool filters and can lead to a variety of issues for swimming pools. Invest some time into end-of-summer pool cleaning in New Haven County, CT to get rid of this debris and get your pool as clean as possible.
  • Lower your water level: If you’re planning on closing your swimming pool for the season, it’s important to reduce your pool’s water level. Make sure the water is lowered to a level that works best for the type of pool cover you’ll be using for the winter.

End-of-season pool maintenance in New Haven County, CT

For more pool maintenance tips in New Haven County, CT, or for professional pool maintenance services, reach out to the team at A-1 Pools & Spas. As a family owned and operated pool contractor, we are committed to the quality of our services and the satisfaction of our customers. Whether you’re looking for help with pool maintenance or are interested in having a brand-new pool installed on your property, our team has the expertise and qualifications necessary to take on the project. Call us today to get started with our services.

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