Here’s Why Your Pool Has Foam in It

Here’s Why Your Pool Has Foam in It

July 15, 2020

There’s nothing more refreshing than taking a nice, long soak in your private pool on a hot summer day—until, that is, you jump in your pool and find that it is filled to the brim with strange foam. No one wants to swim in a bottle of soda pop. But what is that foam, what is causing it, and—most importantly—how do you eliminate swimming pool foam in New Haven County, CT?

What causes excessive pool foam?

When a professional looks at your pool and spots too much foam, they refer to your water as being “thick.” If you have a weak stomach, you may not want to read too much farther than that and skip down to the next section. For those of you who are bold, however…

Thick water essentially refers to water that has excess junk in it. Of course, what that extra substance is can depend on a variety of factors.

Dirt, oils, etc.

The most common reason for thick water is an abundance of organic debris. Skin cells, hair follicles, tiny dead bugs, natural body oils, algae and sweated-off beauty products are just some of the substances that can get mixed into your pool’s water.

Inferior chemicals

A lot of low-quality pool chemicals you may find on the market will include unnecessary and sometimes harmful additives that won’t be removed by your pool’s skimmer. These additives eventually find their way to the surface of your pool in the form of foam.

Too much algaecide

Nobody wants to find that harmful (and gross) algae has cropped up in their pool. That’s why swimming pool owners in Connecticut rely on algaecide to get rid of this harmful substance. Unfortunately, when you use too much algaecide or use poor-quality algaecide, you run the risk of increasing your swimming pool foaming in New Haven County, CT.

Chemical balance out of whack

When your pool is first installed, you might be shocked at the number of chemicals needed to keep it looking and feeling great. With so much to keep track of, it’s understandable that getting the right balance of pool chemicals involves a bit of a learning curve. Before you hit that sweet spot, you may notice excess foam, discolored water and a host of other issues.

Avoid the hassle

There’s no reason you should have to deal with pool foam in New Haven County, CT for one second longer. One call to A-1 Pools & Spas, and you can consider your swimming pool issues a thing of the past. Since we opened in 1983, we have distinguished ourselves as the go-to swimming pool and spa company for savvy homeowners throughout the region.

From design to installation to maintenance, A-1 Pools & Spas can guide you through the ins and outs of pool ownership, eliminating problems along the way. Owning your own pool or spa should be fun, and with our help, it can be! Give us a call or visit us online today to find out more.

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