Five Reasons Why Your Hot Tub Water Is Cloudy

Five Reasons Why Your Hot Tub Water Is Cloudy

May 19, 2020

All year round, you can count on the bubbling, heated water of your hot tub to soothe aches and pains and erase the stress of a tough day. Your hot tub is a miracle, as long as you can count on it. When the previously crystal-clear water of your hot tub turns cloudy, it means that one of several problems could be brewing.

Concerned about cloudy spa water in New Haven County, CT? Read on to find out if your problem is a quick fix or if you require hot tub maintenance.

Do you have hard water?

In areas of the country where an abundance of minerals is present in the water, those minerals, like calcium and magnesium, can throw off the pH balance of the water supply, turning the water cloudy.

Drain the tub regularly

When was the last time your hot tub was completely drained and refilled? If you’re not getting routine hot tub maintenance in New Haven County, CT, excess dissolved solids can build up, which can make the water murky.

Sensitive skin prevention

As undeniably relaxing as a hot tub can be, some regular users are sensitive to the chemicals that keep the water clean: chlorine and bromine. As a result, those tubs are run with limited amounts of both substances. For that strategy to work effectively, however, the user needs to balance out the lack of cleaning chemicals with other sanitizers. Failure to do so can turn the water cloudy.

Clogged filter

When was the last time you cleaned or replaced your hot tub’s filter? Over time, minute particles of dust and debris can get caught in the filter, filling up the available space. When a filter is clogged, it fails to trap and remove foreign elements in your spa water in New Haven County, CT. The result is cloudy water.

Skin and hair products

On paper, you’re supposed to take a nice, cleansing shower every time before and after you use your hot tub. That’s a good idea, of course, but just about every one of us is guilty of walking out the door of our home, changing into a bathing suit and hopping directly into the hot tub. When that happens, the various products you use on yourself—makeup, lotion, hair gel and the rest—can dissolve in the water and turn it an undesirable, murky color.

Your hot tub team

Regardless of which of your issues require hot tub maintenance in New Haven County, CT, you can count on A-1 Pools & Spas for the best service at a price you’ll love. Since 1983, we have taken great pride in helping our friends and neighbors throughout the area get the best hot tub experience money can buy.

In addition to our sterling work on hot tubs, we also offer exemplary swimming pool design and installation services. Best of all, we have the skill and the manpower to keep both maintained for years to come.

Great service at a great price, every time—that’s our commitment to you. Call A-1 Pools & Spas today to find out more.

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