Can COVID-19 Be Spread Via Pools and Spas?

Can COVID-19 Be Spread Via Pools and Spas?

April 2, 2020

The presence of the coronavirus in New Haven County, CT is something that’s on everyone’s minds right now, and rightfully so. It brings a number of questions and concerns that we all want addressed so that we can all be confident we’re making the right decisions. We want to protect our families and loved ones in any way we can, and the team at A-1 Pools & Spas is happy to be a part of these efforts. Pools are our area of expertise, so we are happy to offer our insights into the safety of pools and spas during this uncertain time.

The short answer: Probably not

One of the trickiest parts about COVID-19 is that we’re constantly learning more about it. It’s a new disease, and research still needs to be done to fully understand it. Swimming pool safety in New Haven County, CT is just one of the things we’re still learning about. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has stated that there does not appear to be evidence at this time that the disease can be spread via swimming pools. Hot tub safety in New Haven County, CT also falls under this umbrella—it does not appear that a properly maintained hot tub could conceivably transfer the virus between users of the feature.

Proper maintenance is key

One thing that the CDC is careful to note in all its advice regarding coronavirus in New Haven County, CT is that it only applies to properly maintained pools and spas. If you’ve allowed your swimming facility to fall into disrepair or not kept up with a proper chemical treatment regimen, then all of its advice could conceivably not apply. The recommendations only apply to those pool users and owners who enjoy facilities that have the proper treatment, so if you’re going to use a facility and are concerned about swimming pool safety in New Haven County, CT, call ahead and make sure that the owner and operator of the pool has done everything they should be doing to keep the facility well maintained and clean.

Water as a whole should be safe (for now)

As of now, the CDC also believes that there is no evidence that coronavirus in New Haven County, CT or elsewhere can be passed through municipal water supplies. This is good news, and it certainly bodes well for the health and safety of recreational water facilities, but it does not mean that caution should be thrown to the wind. Stay on top of all information and continue to do your research with reputable sources only. Misinformation is possible in times like these, so be sure to stay with reputable and trusted sources when seeking out recommendations and advice.

Working with recreational water facilities is our life’s work at A-1 Pools & Spas, and we have run into challenges many times before. COVID-19 is a tricky problem that is intimidating and challenging, but we are ready to meet it head-on. All of our safety is at stake, and we’re prepared to do what we can to keep our friends, neighbors and loved ones as safe and healthy as possible.

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