The Best Times of Year to Replace Your In-Ground Pool Liner

The Best Times of Year to Replace Your In-Ground Pool Liner

February 24, 2020

Owning a swimming pool comes with responsibilities, most of which benefit you and anyone using your pool on a regular basis. Keeping it clean, well maintained and properly balanced with pool chemicals offers better assurance that the pool’s structure and features will last a long time. Proper care and maintenance are also important for human health reasons.

The time will come when the pool liner—the component that acts as a barrier between your pool wall and the water inside—will need to be replaced. The trick is knowing the signs to look for and when to act.

Here’s a look at the best times of the year to plan for in-ground pool liner replacement in New Haven County, CT.

Signs it’s time for a replacement liner

Before diving into the best time for a replacement liner, you need to know the signs of wear and tear:

  • Cracks: Pool liners, especially vinyl models, tend to deteriorate thanks to years of exposure to the sun and pool chemicals. If you see cracks in the lining, chances are your pool is losing water. Before cracks form, you may notice fading and brittle vinyl. A liner with numerous cracks should be replaced.
  • Water loss: When a liner is cracked in several places, water can leak out. Leaking water can rust, corrode or otherwise damage the shell of your pool.
  • Wrinkles in the liner: A pool liner should not appear to be bunching up, or have wrinkles or stretches. This is likely due to a loss in elasticity, which tends to happen over time. If a liner stretches to the point where it cannot fit back on the frame, your only option is a full liner replacement.

The best times of year for liner replacement

When you need a new pool liner in New Haven County, CT, you need to call a professional for a fitting and installation services. The good news is that there’s not just one time of the year that’s best for pool liner replacement—there are three best times of the year! Choose the right time and you can save money, and perhaps even have the service done in a shorter amount of time than usual:

  • Late winter: Since you want your swimming pool to be usable during the hot summer months, a good time to replace your pool liner is in the late winter—before late March, to be more specific. This time of year is traditionally slower for pool companies, meaning you can choose from more open dates on their service calendar and maybe even save some money.
  • Mid-summer: July through August is another good time to wait to replace your liner. These mid-summer months are actually another slow time for many pool companies, as most swimming pools are already up and running at this time.
  • Post-season: Some pool technicians suggest replacing your liner after the season is over and you’re ready to winterize your pool. Consider September through November as a good time for pool liner replacement.

For a selection of quality pool liners in New Haven County, CT, don’t hesitate to call the experts at A-1 Pools & Spas today!

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