How to Beautify Your Home’s Hot Tub Area

How to Beautify Your Home’s Hot Tub Area

January 29, 2020

If your hot tub area has been looking a little drab lately, maybe it’s time to take it into the new decade with a few key upgrades. Renovating your backyard oasis doesn’t have to be a costly, time-consuming endeavor, although if you want a full hot tub makeover in New Haven County, CT, A-1 Pool & Spas can handle that project, too!

Here are our favorite tips and tricks to upgrade your hot tub area:

  • Stay up to date on maintenance and cleaning: This one sounds obvious because it is—your hot tub will look twice as nice when you keep up to date on routine maintenance and cleaning. And if you don’t want to do it yourself, A-1 Pool & Spas offers affordable maintenance and cleaning services.
  • Pick the right place: Where you place your hot tub can have a striking effect on your backyard aesthetics. Whether you want to create an outdoor “room” with the help of pergolas and plants or set it up on an elevated platform, designating a specific space helps make your hot tub a focal point.
  • Hide it completely: Of course, some people prefer to hide their hot tubs completely, using custom walls and screens to cordon off the spa area. If you take this approach, consider planting lush bushes and trailing vines to add a natural flair to the space.
  • Lush landscaping: Speaking of plant life, ensuring that your spa area is surrounded by greenery and flowers will help make for a peaceful spot. We suggest using a variety of plant sizes as well as looking for plants that bloom or flourish at different times of the year, so that you always have something beautiful to enjoy. You might also want to add paved walkways or paths and additional water features.
  • Outdoor furniture: Once you’ve decided where you want your hot tub and how you’d like the surrounding landscaping to look, you can think about new outdoor furniture. Adding comfortable chairs and sofas around the spa automatically creates a great gathering place both for parties and quality time with the family. You might also consider adding a bar and coffee tables for a party atmosphere.
  • Add light and sound: Finally, no hot tub haven is complete without thoughtful lighting and sound. Warm LED lights add a beautiful glow, whereas hidden outdoor speakers let you set the mood with anything from strings to salsa.

Invest in a hot tub makeover in New Haven County, CT

If you’ve been considering a hot tub makeover in New Haven County, CT, hire the best for the job. A-1 Pool & Spas has been locally owned and operated for over 35 years. We can take care of your cleaning, maintenance and renovation needs, as well as supply all the tools and accessories your pool and spa require. We offer custom estimates based on your individual needs and property, so there are never any surprises. Call our team today to get started with a consultation to discuss your ideas!

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