Does Your Pool Still Need Maintenance in the Winter? Yes!

Does Your Pool Still Need Maintenance in the Winter? Yes!

December 26, 2019

Just because the temperature has dropped and you’ve closed your pool for the winter doesn’t mean you can sit by and ignore it until the first spring flowers bloom. Your pool’s ecosystem doesn’t stop functioning when you stop using it. Left untended through the harsh winter season, your pool can develop all sorts of issues that make it difficult to open in the spring.

If you’re hoping to avoid costly repairs, then winter pool maintenance in New Haven County, CT is a must. Here are some helpful tips and tricks to follow to keep your pool safe over the winter.

Make sure your pool cover is secure and well-maintained

The first line of defense against the elements is your pool’s cover. If you don’t have one, get one, and if you do have one, make sure that there are no tears in it before you put it in place. Throughout the winter, it’s a good idea to do a lap around your pool once a week to ensure that your cover remains in place.

It’s also essential to monitor the amount of rain and snow that gathers on your pool cover. Most covers aren’t designed to hold much weight, so you’ll have to ensure that excess rain and snow aren’t allowed to accumulate.

Fight back against algae

Even though you’re not using your pool over the winter, that won’t stop algae from setting up shop. No one wants to pull the cover off the pool in the spring to find that the water has been tinted a murky green color. You can mitigate the odds of algae formation with the addition of a simple algaecide.

Keep checking your pool’s pH balance

Here’s a simple chore you can take on to improve your winter pool maintenance in New Haven County, CT. Some people choose to forgo the chemical aspect of their water during the winter. However, a little bit of effort will help ensure that your pool’s water requires minimal conditioning.

Simply check your pool’s pH balance once a week and adjust your chemicals as needed, and you’ll find opening your pool in the spring easier than ever before.

Don’t forget the chlorine

You can add chlorine when you close the pool or periodically throughout the winter to ensure that bacteria aren’t allowed to build up underneath your pool cover. When the time comes to open your pool in the spring, you’ll find yourself looking at a beautiful pool, not a murky swamp.

Year-round pool protection

At A-1 Pools & Spas, we’re here to keep your pool in the best shape possible, no matter the time of year. Even in the dead of winter, we have the knowledge to keep your pool looking and functioning its best. We have decades of experience offering summer and winter pool maintenance in New Haven County, CT, and our lengthy list of satisfied customers speaks for itself.

Whether you’re looking for the best in pool maintenance or you’re taking advantage of our extensive array of pool toys and accessories, you won’t find a better deal or a friendlier team than the pros at A-1 Pools & Spas. Give us a call or stop by today.

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