Why Your Pool Water Turned Green

Why Your Pool Water Turned Green

November 20, 2019

Standing in your backyard and gazing out at your sparkling blue pool is one of the few sure signs that you’ve really made it as a homeowner. Owning your own pristine pool not only raises your home’s value, but it’s also great fun for your entire family. That is, until you find yourself staring out at sickly green pool water in New Haven County, CT.

Nothing is more aggravating than watching your beautiful blue pool turn a shade of unsettling green. Even more obnoxious, this undesirable development can be the result of many different causes.

A lack of chlorine

Your pool’s first line of defense against algae and bacteria of all types is chlorine. In much the same way as a human catches a cold when they don’t have enough antibodies to fight off infection, so too can a pool become a breeding ground for bacteria when it’s not given enough chlorine.

The water is too acidic

The measure of your water’s acidity, also known as its pH value, is affected by a wide variety of external factors. When a pool’s pH value is too high—in other words, when it becomes too acidic—it neutralizes the chlorine in your pool, rendering it ineffective.

Hot days can cause your pH value to rise. Excess oils or dirt can cause pH value to soar, as well. If you spot your pool’s pH value rising, make sure you treat the problem with the appropriate chemicals.

Maintain cyanuric acid levels

The presence of cyanuric acid in your pool water prevents the chlorine from evaporating in the heat of the sun. When your water doesn’t have enough cyanuric acid, your chlorine slowly fades and algae can move in, turning your pool’s water green.

Several factors, one result

When you find yourself with a green swimming pool in New Haven County, CT, it’s most commonly caused by mustard algae, a yellow-green substance that begins forming on the walls of your pool and eventually seeps into your water, tinting it green.

When you find that regular treatment isn’t stopping the return of mustard algae, you’ll need to take extreme measures. First, you’ll have to use your pool vacuum on the waste setting to eliminate the presence of algae on your walls. From there, it’s best to employ a talented professional to oversee the recuperation of the chemicals in your pool’s water.

One call can turn things around

If you’re a homeowner losing the battle against green pool water in New Haven County, CT, one call to A-1 Pools & Spas can make all the difference. For more than 35 years, our family owned and operated pool contracting company has worked to help residential pool owners install and maintain the sprawling liquid oasis they’ve always wanted.

From design to installation to pool maintenance in New Haven County, CT, our friendly team of technicians can do it all. We have the extensive training your pool needs and the commitment to customer service you deserve. That’s why we’re considered the premier pool and spa contractor in the Oxford area.

We can help you have the pool or spa of your dreams. Stop by or give us a call today and find out what A-1 Pools & Spas can do for you.

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