Have a Rip in Your Pool Liner? Call Us Immediately!

Have a Rip in Your Pool Liner? Call Us Immediately!

July 19, 2019

In-ground pools make great additions to a backyard, but they also require a lot of upkeep. Beyond the routine cleaning, chemical balancing and maintenance, pools may also require some more thorough checking and parts replacement over time.

One important aspect of the pool to check every so often is the liner. Vinyl liners are very common in in-ground pools, but these liners are known to wear out and potentially rip after a few years.

Pool liner rips can be disastrous to a pool and the surrounding area, so make sure to check and call for pool liner repair in New Haven County, CT right away!

Dangers of ripped pool liners

A tiny rip in your pool liner may not seem like the worst thing, but it can eventually lead to a lot of damage to both your pool and your backyard:

  • Leaks: When vinyl pool liners crack, they can cause leaking issues that reduce your pool’s water levels, wasting both water and pool chemicals or cleaning solutions.
  • Pool structure problems: Leaking water caused by pool liner tears can also create pockets of water under pool decks and near the pool’s structural components that could lead to damage. For above-ground pools, a pool liner tear near the bottom could cause enough force to cause the pool to collapse entirely.
  • Soil erosion: Liner rips can also lead to soil erosion and yard damage due to the consistent leaking of pool water and chemicals. This can be extremely dangerous for both types of pools because solid ground is necessary to maintain your pool’s structural integrity.

While swimming or cleaning your pool, look over the walls of the pool and pay close attention to any small tears, rips or wrinkles in the liner. These may indicate an issue that you should inspect further.

Contact the best for pool liner repair in New Haven County, CT

If you’ve discovered a rip in your pool liner, don’t delay in calling for pool liner repair! Getting the rip patched as soon as possible will minimize the potential damage to your pool and allow you to enjoy your pool without worry.

For small rips and tears, pool liner repair is relatively simple. A patch can often be installed to cover the rip and maintain the existing liner. However, larger tears or punctures may require a full replacement of the pool liner.

A-1 Pools & Spas is your go-to pool repair expert when it comes to things like pool liner repair in New Haven County, CT. Our experienced team is adept at identifying pool problems and finding fast and simple solutions that allow you to get back to enjoying your pool. Be sure to call us immediately if your pool liner develops a tear!

In addition to pool liner repair, we also provide a full spectrum of pool services, including design and construction, renovation, maintenance and cleaning services. You can also visit our store to browse our vast selection of pool products, including toys and inflatables, chemicals, equipment and more. Call us today for a free estimate on repair or other services!

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