Get Your Pool Ready for Summer Fun with Pool Service in New Haven County, CT

Get Your Pool Ready for Summer Fun with Pool Service in New Haven County, CT

June 28, 2019

After another long winter, you and your family are undoubtedly more than ready to get back into the pool this summer. However, the condition of your pool equipment could very likely have changed during the months that your pool sat unused during the winter, and it will be necessary to make sure everything is in top shape before you jump back in. Calling for professional pool service in New Haven County, CT is likely to be a smart step to ensure your pool is summer ready. Here are some of the most common types of maintenance required when you are preparing your pool for the summer.

Priming the pump

With your pool having gone unused for the past few months, you will want to have the pump inspected to make sure it is ready for another swimming season. The pump will need to be primed, which is a recommended step anytime your pool has been idle for one or two months. Any water that was in the pump and the lines the last time you used your pool has likely evaporated by now, and priming the pump will add water back into the lines while bleeding off any air that may have collected during the winter months.

Backwashing the filter

The proper flow of water in your pool can be disturbed if the filter becomes clogged. When this happens, the filter will need to be cleared through the backwashing process so it’s free to continue to collect debris and keep your pool clean. To do this, run the water in the reverse direction through the filter to sufficiently flush and clear everything that could potentially block the water flow. After a long winter, you may have to go through this process a couple times before everything is cleared out.

Checking the connections

It can also be helpful to make sure that all of the pipes and connections throughout your entire pool system network are in good condition. In particular, the manifold and suction valves that house the connections for several different lateral lines can begin to leak or weaken over time. A pressure leak will allow water to seep out, and a suction leak will cause air to get into the lines, so it is best to have a professional take a look to determine if any replacements will be needed this summer. This would also be a good time to ensure that all of the O-rings and gaskets are adequately lubricated.

It’s the time of year to get out and enjoy your pool, so if anything isn’t working as it should be, make sure you give us a call at A-1 Pools & Spas. When it comes to pool service in New Haven County, CT, we have spent the past 36 years building a reputation as the leader in both inground and above ground pool maintenance, and you can rely on us to make sure yours is swim-ready this summer. Give us a call to schedule your appointment so you and your family can start enjoying your pool once again.

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