Exploring the Energy Savings of Variable Speed Pumps for Your In-ground Swimming Pool in New Haven, CT

Exploring the Energy Savings of Variable Speed Pumps for Your In-ground Swimming Pool in New Haven, CT

May 17, 2019

Although having a swimming pool on your property provides convenience and endless summer fun, it’s important to keep an eye on any additional energy usage that may accumulate. Fortunately, advancements in technology have yielded green variable speed pumps for in-ground swimming pools in New Haven, CT.

Read on to learn more about what variable speed pumps are, and how they can lead to tremendous savings for you and your family.

What are Variable Speed Pumps?

Unlike single or dual pumps that present limited speed options, variable speed pool pumps allow you to select high or low speed operation, and everything in between. Variable speed pumps are typically powered by motors that use magnetic resonance imaging technology, allowing the energy usage to be tailored to the specific task.

When you are able to program and control the times that your in-ground pool’s pump is in operation, you will have greater control over how much energy is being used. Green, energy efficient in-ground pumps with programmable time slots grant you direct control over when the pump is running and for how long. If there is a particular task that requires less energy, such as filtering water, the pump rate can be tailored to account for the reduced workload.

Improving Efficiency

New technology and design also allow for these types of pumps to keep all of the critical components enclosed. In addition to cutting down on noise, this can help to extend the life of the motor, as water and insects are kept out. The operation is much cooler overall as well, which will also serve to prolong the efficiency of the motor and keep energy costs down. There’s a lot less wear and tear on variable speed pumps.

Easy Retrofits

One of the biggest advantages of variable speed pumps is that it typically isn’t all that difficult to upgrade your current system, no matter what type of pump you might already have. Many new models feature drop-in replacement, which means you can easily upgrade your pool pump system and reap the rewards without a complete overhaul.

While it may cost more upfront for a new in-ground variable speed pool pump, you could ultimately save up to 80% on your pool’s annual energy costs. Overall, you could recoup the installation costs of the pump within the first two years due to the drastic improvement in energy efficiency!

Thinking About Going Green?

To learn more about variable speed pumps for in-ground swimming pools in New Haven, CT so you can take advantage of the many benefits they offer, give us a call at A-1 Pools & Spas. Since 1985 we have been equipping homeowners with the most efficient and enjoyable pool systems available, and we are ready to help upgrade your pool with our green technology in-ground variable speed pumps.

Give us a call today so we can find the best fit for your family and get you on the path to savings right away.

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