Make Sure Your Pool Has the Proper Water Level This Winter!

Make Sure Your Pool Has the Proper Water Level This Winter!

February 8, 2019

An inground pool is a great activity throughout the hot summer months, but winter in Connecticut can be brutal, forcing us to close our pools until warmth returns. During the winter, it can be easy to forget that your pool requires maintenance, since nobody is using it for months at a time. However, checking on your pool throughout the winter season is necessary to ensure the pool runs smoothly in summer.

One key element of winter pool maintenance in New Haven County, CT that people sometimes overlook is making sure that the pool is filled (and stays) at the proper water level. During pool closing, you empty and plug the filtration lines, so no water will get into the pump system and freeze. However, you still need to make sure the water level is staying consistent to protect your pool liner and shell.

Why water level is important

You should never drain your inground pool during winter. Although it may seem scary to leave water in a pool during freezing temperatures, you can actually damage your pool more by removing too much water.

Your water should only be drained so it sits just below the skimmer and jets. This helps make sure that no water can get into the pumping system. You may also need to drain a few extra inches of water, depending on the type of pool cover you’re using.

The reason you don’t want to completely drain your pool during winter is because the dry, freezing air can cause rips, cracks and tears in your liner. By allowing pool water to cover the liner, you’re preventing the liner from drying up and getting damaged.

Additionally, you need to keep enough water in your pool so that it remains above the groundwater level outside of the pool. If groundwater levels are able to get higher than your pool’s water level, it can shrivel or crack the liner or even shift an entire fiberglass shell. These damages can be extremely costly to fix come summer.

Checking water levels during winter

After you close your pool up for the winter, you should still conduct routine pool maintenance in New Haven County, CT to ensure the water levels remain consistent.

To check your pool’s water levels, pull back a corner of your pool cover and verify that the water level has not risen or lowered too much from what it was when you first winterized the pool. If it seems off, use a siphon to remove excess water or add new water to bring the level back to normal. If you add more water, make sure to also add your winterizing chemicals to ensure good water chemistry throughout the season.

One of the best ways to ensure that your pool’s water levels stay consistent is to install a high-quality pool cover. This will protect the pool from accumulating a lot of snow or rain and elevating the levels.

If you’re concerned about closing or maintaining your pool throughout winter, call a professional! A-1 Pools & Spas offers routine pool maintenance in New Haven County, CT and can help you identify the proper way to take care of your pool year-round. Call us today for a free estimate!

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