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Can COVID-19 Be Spread Via Pools and Spas?

April 2, 2020

The presence of the coronavirus in New Haven County, CT is something that’s on everyone’s minds right now, and rightfully so. It brings a number of questions and concerns that we all want addressed so that we can all be confident we’re making the right decisions. We want to protect our families and loved ones in any way we can, and the team at A-1 Pools & Spas is happy... View Article

How Does Rain Affect Your Pool Water?

March 25, 2020

Living on the East Coast, we all get our share of rain, but that rain can actually affect your pool water chemistry in New Haven County, CT. In fact, it can actually make your pool ugly and unsanitary, if you don’t address it soon enough! The soothing sounds of rain are great, but here’s how to deal with the very real effects it can have on your pool water. How... View Article

In-Ground vs. Above-Ground Pools: Which One Is Right for Me?

March 11, 2020

When you’re ready to get a pool, the first question you have to ask is: do I want an in-ground or above-ground pool? The benefits—and costs—of both are many, but when you’re looking for in-ground or above-ground pools in New Haven County, CT, it’s good to weigh the differences. The type of pool that’s right for you will depend on a number of factors. When to pick an in-ground pool... View Article

The Best Times of Year to Replace Your In-Ground Pool Liner

February 24, 2020

Owning a swimming pool comes with responsibilities, most of which benefit you and anyone using your pool on a regular basis. Keeping it clean, well maintained and properly balanced with pool chemicals offers better assurance that the pool’s structure and features will last a long time. Proper care and maintenance are also important for human health reasons. The time will come when the pool liner—the component that acts as a... View Article

How Long Do Vinyl Pool Liners Last?

February 10, 2020

A brand-new liner in an in-ground swimming pool changes the overall feel of the pool for the better. The water feels and smells fresher. The pool itself looks cleaner than it ever did before. But, like many pool owners, you might be wondering when that “new-pool look” will begin to fade, and when repairs are likely to be necessary—including to the liner. With this in mind, how long do vinyl... View Article

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